Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Why Intel Sucks!

Intel have often been criticised for dubious working practices. They were one of the first chip makers, in 1999, to build a chip with a digital identifier, known as a processor serial number, to every new Pentium III chip and threatened to remove the anonymity of web surfing and internet transactions.

Recently they have been colluding with IBM to build Copy Protection into Hard Drives as well as Chips.

But what takes the biscuit is their aggressive attack on the Not-For-Profit organisation One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) undercutting their $100 laptop project designed to make technology affordable and accessible in the developing world. To do this they launched a rival laptop aimed at the same market aiming to undercut OLPC and put them out of business! Obviously once they have achieved this they will then either cease to produce these cheap laptops or raise the price of them. Is this moral? Is this a responsible business practice?
Tell Intel where to stick it and avoid their products!

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