Saturday, 30 June 2007

Squidoo - Earn money online by writing reviews and content

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For an example you can visit the page I made about Absinthe

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There is no limit to the number or subjects you can create pages on and payouts are monthly via paypal. The minimum payout is actually a ridiculously low $1

I'll report back in a few weeks to let you know how I get on with it and what sort of earnings I have made. I don't expect to make bucket loads of cash, but I'll see if I can make some interesting content and what sort of things I have found worked!

Friday, 29 June 2007

Absinthe (Absinth) - The Green Fairy

Absinth(e) (in the UK is spelt with an e) has one of the most mythical histories of any alcoholic drink. It was actually banned on a number of occasions due to the results of peoples reactions to it. The hallucinogenic properties of it are fabled and well documented as well as it being used by many artists and writers for inspiration.

Here I intend to review a number of books available on it's history and usage.

Absinthe: History in a Bottle by Barnaby Conrad

Maybe not the most definitive book on the history of absinthe but accessible, enjoyable and plenty of graphic images to delight the reader. The images range from wild portraits by Van Gogh, to anti-Absinthe propaganda published by the French Government. This book is well researched and provides a good backdrop on the 'absinthe-culture'. The research is quite extensive and the images plentiful, there are also mini-biographies and literary quotes from and about Verlaine, Rimbaud, Wilde and Baudelaire showing how Absinthe was said to influence the creative and artistic. This book is very readable and insightful and probably the current most popular tome on absinthe.

Absinthe: Sip of Seduction - A Contemporary Guide by Betina Wittels & Robert Hermesch

Edited by T.A. Breaux with a foreword by Marie-Claude Delahaye. This comprehensive guide has been lovingly compiled by two avid collectors of all things Absinthe. Included is a cultural and scientific history, a gallery of famous drinkers both past and present and a detailed analysis of what Absinthe is and its effects. In addition, there are extensive guides to where to find Absinthe around the world - where it's legal and where it's not - as well as techniques for drinking it and making absinthe cocktails. Illustrated throughout.

Absinthe - The Cocaine of the Nineteenth Century: A History of the Hallucinogenic Drug and Its Effect on Artists and Writers in Europe and the United States - by Doris Lanier

This work provides a history of "the green fairy", a study of its use and abuse, an exploration of the tremendous social problems (not unlike the cocaine problems of this century) it caused, and an examination of the extent to which the lives of talented young writers and artists of the period became caught up in the absinthe craze.

Absinthe produced a sense of euphoria and a heightening of the senses, similar to the effect of cocaine and opium, but was addictive and caused a rapid loss of mental and physical faculties. Despite that, Picasso, Manet, Rimbaud, Van Gogh, Degas and Wilde were among those devoted to its consumption and produced writings and art influenced by the drink.

There are still many debates as to whether Absinthe was a Hallucinogen and this book does tend to take it as fact that the 19th century process of making it ensured that it actually was an hallucigen. This book is more aimed at the reader of social history than the more casual reader

The Dedalus Book of Absinthe by Phil Baker

This well-researched history of Absinthe is an absolute joy to read. It chronicles the devotion, effect, and, in some cases, destruction experienced through this drink by not only the masses but influential writers and artists such as Oscar Wilde, Aleister Crowley, Baudelaire, Ernest Dowson, Verlaine & Rimbaud, Toulouse Lautrec, Van Gogh, et al. Also contains handy reviews of currently obtainable brands of the drink. Highly recommended!

Hideous Absinthe: A History of the "Devil in a Bottle" by Jad Adams

Hideous Absinthe boldly combines the art, literature, science, and social history of the nineteenth century to produce the story of a drink that came to symbolize both the high points of art and the depths of degeneration.
Jad Adams looks at the myths of absinthe and examines its influence on the artistic movements of the nineteenth century. He considers the work of Degas, Manet, and Picasso, who painted what are now considered masterpieces depicting absinthe drinkers. He examines the mystery of van Gogh’s absinthe addiction and asks whether absinthe truly did contribute to the poetic vision of Verlaine, Rimbaud, and other writers.
Adams looks back at absinthe’s contribution to the hedonistic culture of the French Second Empire and to Toulouse-Lautrec’s Paris of the 1890s and details the outraged English reaction to absinthe in the context of resistance to French art. Absinthe was seen as a foreign poison undermining the national resolve just as the decadence of Oscar Wilde and his circle was seen to undermine national culture.
The story continues through thrill-seeking American and English absinthe drinkers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Friday, 15 June 2007

Banksy Creates Crap Art At Glastonbury Festival

Our Banksy has done it again, the cheeky creative genius has created a henge at glastonbury from the famous portaloos!

I wonder how many festival punters are going to get so mashed up or desperate that they'll try and use them!

Original story appeared in the Guardian - 14-06-07

Thanks to towleroad for blogging about it first!

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Glastonbury Tickets on eBay for £8,000+

Michael Eavis is reported as being disappointed with the quality of the tickets printed for this years Glastonbury Festival (BBC Story). Tickets are now appearing on eBay, though it does look like there is some Auction Wrecking going on as this example shows -

Anyone wanting to risk the getting turned away on the gates as the photo part of the ID must be backed up by other forms of ID, so there's no real way around this added security level.

As for anyone fool enough to think the car park tickets will enable them to get close enough to try and sneak in better think again as there will be a check that car occupants have tickets before they actually leave the main road to drive the mile or 2 to the actual car-parks! Even if a 'fence-jumper' gets close enough to the fence they will be quite disappointed when faced by the impregnable 'Ring-of-Steel'. In the 2 previous years that this fence has been used there has been no reports of anyone successfully getting over it, and very few actual attempts at it either. The fence is 10ft of solid metal with a 3foot angled overhang, even the SAS would consider this impossible to scale without equipment. The other popular idea has always been tunneling under it, well as the same material that is used for the fence is also laid on the ground next to the fence and bolted to the uprights this is also making tunneling impossible to all but the most hardened miners. The enclosed road either side of the fence to allow security to drive quickly to any point of the fence with floodlights and a secondary 8 foot mesh 'Heras' fence, either side of this road means the tower lookouts will get plenty of time to get a patrol to you before you even touched the 'Ring-of-Steel'.

Basically, if you haven't got a ticket, forget about trying to get in and stock up at home to catch the web-cam, webcasts, TV coverage and Radio broadcasts courtesy of the BBC. You may also want to be thankful of clean porcelain and cold, reasonably priced beer without having to queue!

You can catch up with our adventures of the festival here on our glastonbury page which we hope to be updating the slideshow daily during the festival!

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

The Book Garden @ Glastonbury Festival 2007

The Book Garden will be appearing at this years Glastonbury Festival alongside such acts as The Arctic Monkeys, The Killers, Iggy Pop, The Who, Bjork, Chemical Brothers and many more! Well, we won't actually be on stage as such, and selling books isn't exactly performance art, but we'll be there with a stock of approx 4,000 books. The majority will be general fiction, though we will be have a large selection of Travel Guides, Art Books, and Theatre Texts & Plays as well as sections on Health and Spirituality.

You will be able to find us on C market and this little map will hopefully be a guide to where we'll be. So pop in and see us, books will be available from 30p and very few will be priced more than a fiver. We also intend to offer a post home service for those who'd rather not carry a book around or want to send a gift to a friend/relative from the festival.

If we can get online we will be posting updates here and on this web page

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Sold Dispatch Now: How to Make £6000 - £15000 pa. from Amazon, Sharon Fussell - Reviewed

Unbelievable! That was my first reaction when I came across this book! The old saying - "If something looks to good to be true, it's probably because it is too good to be true". (this is the only instance in the English language where a double positive becomes a negative!)

Sharon Fussell makes some quite astounding promises in this book which is for sale at £37, quite a hefty sum for a book that only has 85pages. The claim that you can easily make that sort of money from only a couple of hours work a day and with only the need for a a couple of shelves of books, is far fetched. I know very few sellers who are able to source the kind of niche stock that would enable that performance.

These quotes from her website, canonbury publishing , are quite astounding!

How you can make 86p extra pure profit on each and every book by almost doing nothing! - It's called signing up and paying a monthly Pro-Merchant Fee!

If you have a spare room, you could be making £36,000 a year as an international bookseller! - You'd need a pretty big room! Say about 500-1000sq feet!

you can look forward to becoming an international book seller and earning at least £6,000-£15,000+ per year working about 1 hour a day from home - From the few people I know that got into selling on Amazon from buying this book, none have achieved what is claimed. And they have stated that the amazon seller boards provide much more valuable advice and assistance than this book did.

Sold Dispatch Now: How to Make 6, 000 -15, 000 Pounds or More in the Next Year from Amazon This is a link to the book on amazon where you can see some reviews, and note how many people have found the reviews useful! You may also wish to join in the discusion on the book listing page about this book!

The only people I know who can even approach the claims made on the amount of profit from such low amounts of stock and work are those who have expert knowledge of niche markets. For example, if you were an expert on, let's say, books about wheelbarrows, and could source stock from the wheelbarrow college weekly carboot sale very cheaply and resell quickly for a very good price, you may be able to make that sort of money easily. Though for most specialists there knowledge of book genres and where to source them is the result of years of experience and they do not pass this sort of experience on!

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Yahoo Fantasy Football

Yahoo NFL Fantasy Football Registration has already started, Hurry the NFL draft is already in session, so now is the perfect time to register and start selecting your winning team! Just use the link below, play for free or sign up for the premium services, the choice is yours!

Exclusive Expert Analysis at Yahoo! Fantasy Football

Click the link to sign up now!

Monday, 4 June 2007

Glastonbury Festival Shopping List!

We're counting down the days to Glastonbury Festival 2007. We're taking a few thousand books along for our little stall, so if you're going to the greatest festival in europe, pop in and see us and browse our selection of travel guides, art books, theatre books and general fiction. We will also be offering to post your purchase home for a small fee to save you carrying it or it getting bashed about. The Book Garden will be on C market, not to far from the famous Cider Bus!

We thought we'd post some essential festival items that you have just about got time to get hold of before you go!

* Start Anticipating the Festival Fun!
A sample of books that will wet your appetite for the festival season!

I Was There. The Gigs that Changed the World (Paperback) ~ Mark Paytress

Jimi Hendrix – Live at Woodstock [1969]

Glastonbury: An Oral History of the Music, Mud and Magic

* Roughing it at the festival?
You don't need to if you get prepared!

Braun Oral B Advanced Power 400 battery toothbrush

Proteam 360/01 - All Weather Camping Light

HL-09 flash headlight/headband

Mini camping lantern

Wind up camping lantern

Proteam 360/07 - Quickseat Carver Chair

Three leg camping stool

Water Carrier - 5 litre

Inflatable camping pillow

Self inflating cushion

Portable Gas Stove

Backpackers camping stove

Cool Camping ~ Laura James

* Capture the festival Spirit
Some reasonable priced cameras to capture the festival moments

Fuji FinePix A500 Digital Camera

Samsung Digimax A503 - Silver [5MP 5 X Digital Zoom]

Vivicam 3720 Digital Camera - Black (3MP)

* Relive your festival memories
Do something special with the best photo's of the festival!

Canon iP1700 Home Printer with Borderless Photo Printer up to A4

Memox - 7 inch Digital Photo Frame

Saturday, 2 June 2007

My Amazon aStore Earnings for May '07

Being an Amazon Affiliate/Associate is still fairly new & exciting for me! I only discovered aStore's recently and have only been using them since April. In the last month I created my own tutorial on How To Build An Amazon aStore, which you can see here. It's getting a reasonable amount of traffic and a fairly decent page ranking in google too! Though am finding that most of my sales seem to be generated from traffic to my own website - The Book Garden.

I've also messed around a bit with google pages, a free and easy web site creation package from google. You can see some of the results of this by looking at my tutorial on aStores and my alternative book garden website, which has given me more scope in creating more pages than I get with my site, this only came with a limited (very) sitebuilder set up. Google Pages have proven excellent for a person at my level of experience with building websites. Maybe in the next month or two I'll look into building a proper website!

Anyway, I wanted to share some of the weird and wonderful things that were bought via my aStore this month! My favorite first as I earned £7 commission on this! If you hover over each item you should get a nice little detail window show!

Cibox C2201 22" Wide Aspect TFT Monitor with 5m/s response time & integrated speakers

Sold 4 of these DVD's! But they haven't shipped, hopefully Amazon will ship them soon!
Def Con 4 [2007]

Another Item I'm waiting them shipping, as it isn't released until June
The Traveling Wilburys: Deluxe Collector's Edition/+DVD

This book on metabolic typing has been popular!
The Metabolic Typing Diet

And some more unusual purchases -
The Cleaning Bible: Kim and Aggie's Complete Guide to Modern Household Management

Excavations at Tepe Guran in Luristan: The Bronze Age and Iron Age Periods (Jutland Archaeological Society Publications)

This one I have for sale myself on Amazon, though it's nice to earn twice on it!
Call of Duty: United Offensive Expansion Pack(PC)

These products have had a few people look at them. I think the first 2 are controllers for a Flight Simulator Game

Saitek Cyborg EVO Joystick (PC)

Saitek X52 Hotas Flight Controller System Joystick (PC)

Might as well through in a link to the game they go with too!
Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Deluxe Edition (PC)

Hopefully that little lot will help inspire you to go an earn some money through Amazon aStores!

Friday, 1 June 2007

Glastonbury Festival 2007 Line Up Announced

Pilton Pop Festival 2007
We're Going!
The Book Garden will be at this years Festival selling fiction, travel books, art books, theatre books and childrens books. We are offering to mail them to you so you don't have to carry them home. Though many will be wanting a book to read while lazing in the sun in front of the various stages whilst waiting for the band of their dreams to play. Come and see us, we're on C Market and would love it if you came and said hello! The stall will be shutting at a reasonable time each evening as we do want to see some bands!

The Line up is looking spectacular and we're already trying to work out how to be in several places at once. Do we see The Killers or Iggy Pop on the saturday night? Arrrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhh! Friday night is easy as The Arctic Monkeys just can't be competed with!

We could go on but why not just show you the full Glastonbury line up! Here it is...


Friday 22 June
Arctic Monkeys YES YES YES!
The Fratellis
Bloc Party
The Magic Numbers
Amy Winehouse
Gogol Bordello
The Earlies
The View

Saturday 23 June
The Killers YES - but we want to see Iggy too!
The Kooks
Paul Weller
Paolo Nutini
Lily Allen - Worth seeing, but whether we'll fit it in!
The Good, The Bad & The Queen
The Pipettes
Seasick Steve
Liz Green

Sunday 24 June
The Who Well Who Wouldn't?
Kaiser Chiefs
Manic Street Preachers - Nooooooo! We wanna have fun, not get depressed!
Shirley Bassey
James Morrison
Damien Marley
Stephen Marley
The Waterboys
National Youth Orchestra (with Goldfrapp)
Glastonbury Town Band - The best way to start the Sunday!


Friday 22 June
Bjork - Mad Mad Mad, but the Monkeys win!
Arcade Fire
Rufus Wainwright
The Coral
Super Furry Animals
Bright Eyes
The Automatic
The Cribs
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly
Mr Hudson And The Library

Saturday 23 June
The Stooges - IGGY! IGGY! IGGY! And looks like a good line up here for the evening!
Maximo Park
Biffy Clyro
The Twang
The Long Blondes

Sunday 24 June
The Chemical Brothers
The Go! Team
The View
The Rakes
Modest Mouse
Cold War Kids
The Sunshine Underground
The Enemy


Friday 22 June
Damian Marley
Amy Winehouse
Toumani Diabate
Gus Gus
Nasio Fontaine
Soweto Kinch
Midival Punditz
Guilty Pleasures

Saturday 23 June
Rodrigo y Gabriela
John Fogerty
Mr. Hudson and the Library
Hiromi's Sonicbloom
The Bees
Soil and Pimp Sessions
Ganga Giri
Forty Thieves Orkestar

Sunday 24 June
Corinne Bailey Rae
Fat Freddy's Drop
Amp Fiddler
Seth Lakeman
Mahala Rai Banda


Friday 22 June
Hot Chip
The Maccabees
Jack Penate
The Hold Steady
The New Pornographers
Tokyo Police Club
Good Shoes
The Annuals
Disco Ensemble
Fear of Music
Look See Proof

Saturday 23 June
The Twang
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly
Patrick Wolf
Bat For Lashes
Pigeon Detectives
Calvin Harris
You Say Party We Say Die
Holy Fuck
The Heights
The Rushes
The Hours
Grim Northern Social
Blue Bullet

Sunday 24 June
Jamie T
Just Jack
Mark Ronson
Scott Matthews
Young Knives
Rumble Strips
The Horrors
Tiny Dancers
Shoot The Moon


Friday 22 June
Damien Rice
Hothouse Flowers
Sandi Thom
Jack L
Lisa Hannigan
The Dylan Project
Pauline Scanlon
Emmy the Great
Newton Faulkner
Martha Tilston

Saturday 23 June
The Waterboys
Nick Lowe
Eric Bibb
Richie Havens
Men They Couldn't Hang
Liam O'Maonlai
The Storys
Catherine Feeny
Liz Green
Hayley Hutchinson

Sunday 24 June
Bootleg Beatles
KT Tunstall
Moya Brennan
London Community Gospel Choir
Steve Forbert
Songs of Nick Drake by Keith James
David Saw
Winding Stair
The Epstein


Friday 22 June
The Waterboys
The Cat Empire
Seth Lakeman
Oi Va Voi
Chumbawamba Acoustic - Ooooh! Should be interesting!
Ben Waters Band

Saturday 23 June
The Saw Doctors
Show of Hands
Gruff Rhys
Julie Fowlis
The Broken Family Band
Robin and Bena Williamson
3 Daft Monkeys
Big Strides
Sheela Na Gig

Sunday 24 June
Corb Lund and the Hurtin' Albertans
Rise Kagona and Champion Doug Veitch
Billy Bragg - It wouldn't be Glastonbury without Billy!
Jeff Lang
Emily Barker and the Red Clay Halo
Avalonian Free State Choir


Friday 22 June
Spiritualized - Acoustic Mainline - now this should be an interesting set! But the monkeys win!
Cajun Dance Party
Martha Wainwright
Charlotte Hatherly
Chas & Dave
Amy Macdonald
Kate Nash
Los Campesionos!
Remi Nicole
The Ralfe Band
Peter and the Wolf

Saturday 23 June
Africa Express
Lou Rhodes
Ed Harcourt
Cherry Ghost
Piney Gear
Josh Pyke
Get Well Soon
The High Wire

Sunday 24 June
Gruff Rhys
King Creosote
The Little Ones
Willy Mason
Micah P Hinson
Pete Doherty
Euros Childes
Fionn Regan
Richard Swift
Laura Marling
The Young Republic


Thursday 21 June
Gerry’s Joint
Guilty Pleasures
Baggy Mondays

Friday 22 June
I'm With Stupid
Arthur Shearlaw
Joe and Nicky’s Sweet Charity
Sean Rowley (rock 'n' roll set)
Pablo Psychonaut
Get Involved

Saturday 23 June
Butch Cassidy’s Reggae Pop Show
Four Tet with Eat Your Own Ears DJs
Broader Than Broadway And Bobby Champagne Jr
Hip Hop Karaoke
Guto (Super Furry Animals /Trojan Records)
Soul Jazz Sound System
Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve (Richard Norris and Erol Alkan)

Sunday 24 June
Butch Cassidy’s Reggae Pop Show
Baggy Mondays
Heavenly jukebox
Ben Swank (Fitzrovian Phonographic)
Pete Fowler (Monsterism)
Robin and Nick (heavenly jukebox/The Admiralty Club)
Broader Than Broadway Soundsystem


Thursday 21 June
Andy Barlow (Lamb)
The Vees
Cakeboy & Doublethink
Suns of Mecha
Ctrl Z
Steve Lawler
Annie Nightingale's Dance Village Launch Party

Friday 22 June
Breaking the Illusion
Urban Myth Club
Western Soul
The Nextmen feat. MC Wrec and Zarif
Western Soul
Hearin' Aid
Men in Masks
Hafdis Huld
Little Barrie
James Lavelle
Four Tet
Sean Rowley's Guily Pleasures

Saturday 23 June
Filthy Dukes
Bimbo Jones
Para One
Husky Rescue
Erol Alkan
Bonde Do Role
Annie Mac
Die and Clipz
Andy Cato

Sunday 24 June
Bugz In The Attic
Rob Da Bank and MC Beardyman
Dub Pistols
Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip
J Mountain
Ben Westbeech
The Loose Cannons
It's Bigger Than
Infinite Scale
DJ Finn


Friday 22 June
Fat Boy Slim
The Klaxons
Gus Gus
Simian Mobile Disco
Max Sedgley
Buraka Som Sistema
Uncle Buck
XX Teens

Saturday 23 June
Mr Scruff
Mark Ronson
Tim Deluxe
Black Ghosts
Phil Kieran
Devils Gun

Sunday 24 June
Carl Cox
Pendulum Live
Dave Clarke
The Glimmers
Kissy Sellout
Zero DB


Friday 22 June
Trente Moller Live
Danny Howells
System 7
Surgeon A/V Show
Jim Masters
A Guy Called Gerald
Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band
Alloy Mental
Kava Kava
Marc Vedo

Saturday 23 June
Mr C
Meat Katie and VJ anyone
DJ Hal
The Bays
DJ Will Saul
The Neville Staple Band
Pama International
Kenji Williams
Breakfast with Howard Marks

Sunday 24 June
Krafty Kuts
Steve Lawler
Dreadzone - Worth trekking up to the dance village for!
Crazy P
Stanton Warriors
Phil Hartnoll Presents Long Range
Future Funk Squad
DJ Monkey Pilot
The Whip


Friday 22 June
The Plump DJ's
Rennie Pilgrem & MC Chickaboo
Adam Freeland
General Midi & MC Jakes
D. Rameriz
Dumb Blonde
Timo Maas
Tom Real V's The Rogue Element
Atomic Hooligan & Jay Cunning
The Breakfastaz
Ben & Lex
Plaza De Funk

Saturday 23 June
Andy C
Bong Ra
Freq Nasty
Radioactive Man Live
Adam F
Scotch Egg Band (Drumize)

Sunday 24 June
Mr Nice
Jungle Drummer DJ Fu and Rodney P
F**k Me USA
Aural Imbalance


Thursday 21 June
DJ Badly
Western Soul DJs
The John E Vistic Experience
Niece & Unc
We Don't Play

Friday 22nd June
Detectives of Perspective
Circus Star Cabaret
Bourbon Warfare DJs
Discipulos de Otilia
We Don't Play
Leon Jean-Marie
Sancho Panza featuring the Twilight Players
Zen Hussies
Healer Selecta
Oojami Live

Saturday 23 June
The Noisettes
Emporium featuring Bingo Karaoke
Salsa Class with Mo Flex
Sean Rowley Presents I'm Not In Love
Circus Star Cabaret
Jose Luis
Dr Meaker
Mr M
La Kinky Beat
DJ Zorro

Sunday 24 June
That Lazysunday DJ
The Kleptones
Sancho Panza
Kitty, Daisy and Lewis
Emporium featuring Bingo Karaoke
Forty Thieves Orkestar
DJ Tofowski
DJ Forty Thieves
Russ Jones 'The Hackney Globetrotter


Thursday 21 June
Dom Spiral
Sheik Yarbooty

Friday 22 June
Mirror System
Tom / Mira
Iain Dub vs Addsineon

Saturday 23 June
Tom / Mira
Liquid Djems
Liquid Ross
Dan Spencer
Tall Will
Pete Ardron

Sunday 24 June
Simon Pieman
Guy called Gerald
Naked Nick
Luna Lis


Friday 22 June
Bobby Friction
Asian Dub Foundation Sound System
Catch 22
Bandish Projekt
Midival Punditz
T Bone
It's Bigger Than
Dhol Academy
Flynn and Flora
Jerona Fruits

Saturday 23 June
Steven Marley with guest Damian Marley
Iration Steppas
Fat Freddy's Drop
Daddy G
Mad Professor
Nasio Fontaine
Smith and Mighty
Bobby Kray and Dennis Bovell
Die and Clipz
Dub From Atlantis

Sunday 24 June
Hearin' Aid
Foreign Beggers
Gettin Better Sound System
The Young Punx
Roullet Featuring Queen Bee and Parker


Thursday 21 June - Thursday! Yes! Thursday kick off!
Left Field Anti-Slavery Night: With Unite Against Facism & SWTUC (hosted by Don Letts & Dub Cartel)
Don Letts & Dub Cartel
The King Blues
Damien Dempsey
Pama Inernational
The Beat
Beans on Toast
Soul Survivors
Kid Harpoon
3 Daft Monkeys
The Blood Arm
The Thirst

Friday 22 June looks like it's a 90's throw back party!
Virtual Festivals hosts...
Neds Atomic Dustbin
Back to the Planet
Republic of Loose
Discipulos de Otilla
Very Be Careful
Tacto Latino

Saturday 23 June
The Noisettes
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly with Plan B
No Lay
The Mentalists
Ruarri Joseph
Mark Steel, Nick Wilty, Steve Gribben and MC Rosie Wilbey
The Poise Rite
The Deadbeats

Sunday 24 June
Billy Bragg - Billy!
Phil Jupitus
Jail Guitar Doors
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly
Glenn Tilbrook
Soweto Kinch
Neville Staples
Mark Thomas - Fine Cutting Edge Comedy!
Shazia Mirza
Tony Benn - Probably the only honest politician in the 20th century! And a great speaker too!
Ed Byrne
Marcus Brigstocke


Thursday 21 June
Left Field Anti-Slavery Night: With Unite Against Facism & SWTUC (hosted by Don Letts & Dub Cartel)
Don Letts
Anti Slavery Vox DJ
Holy Fuck
Liz Green
Rodney Brannigan
Sean Taylor
Seasick Steve
Fortune Drive
Dan Donnelly
Emmy the Great
Charlene Jones
Open Mic

Friday 22 June
Fred and Benny
Goldierocks (DJ)
Duke Special
Black Rats with Peaches Geldof (DJ)
Jack Penate
Huw Stephens (DJ)
Glen Tilbrook
Jim Bob
Joe Driscoll
Kid Harpoon
Fionn Regan
Kate Nash
Jersey Budd
Daisy Sweet Hearts

Saturday 23 June
The King Blues
Rhoda Dakar
Dan Donnelly

Sunday 24 June
Night of Treason
Dan Donnelly
African Skies
Positively Testcard


Thursday 21 June
Max Pashm
The Doubtful Guest
Shorn Rah
The Mandibles
The Electric Soup
Paris Motel

Friday 22 June
Cortina Deluxx
Wizz & Simeon Jones
Bill Smarme
Rose Kemp
The Cedars
Snortin' Dogs
Electric Bill
The Duckworths
Michael J Sheehy
John E Vistic

Saturday 23 June
The Cloghoppers
Glistening Cogs of Greenland
The Mandrake Project
Jeremy Smoking Jacket
Joe Public
Argument About Yellow
Sgt Peppers
Vladimir Steamboat
The Cedar
The Blessing
Zen Hussies
Los Albertos

Sunday 24 June
Phil King
The Volt
The Clap
The Mighty Peas
SJ Esau
Cats & Cats & Cats & Cats
The Wurzels


Friday 22 June
Mark Edwards Hard Rain Environmental Show
Buraka Som Sistema
Kenji Williams
Iain Ballamy
Pee Wee Ellis with James Morton and The Rawness
Simon Atkinson & The Ben Marcato Trio
Seth Lakeman

Saturday 23 June
Ozric Tentacles - Expect them to play til 3 in the morning!
!!! (chk chk chk)
Dreadzone - Dubbing It Up
Nick Warren
Jamie Cato (1 Giant Leap)
Nigel Mazyln Jones
Mr Bojangles Moustache

Sunday 24 June
Ganga Giri
Greg Dread and Spee
Husky Rescue
La Kinky Beat
Hedge Monkey


Friday 22 June
Mark Edwards Hard Rain Environmental Show
Buraka Som Sistema
Kenji Williams
Iain Ballamy
Pee Wee Ellis with James Morton and The Rawness
Simon Atkinson and The Ben Marcato Trio
Seth Lakeman

Saturday 23 June
Ozric Tentacles - See above - they aren't in 2 places at once!
- See above - they aren't in 2 places at once!
Nick Warren
Jamie Cato
Nigel Mazyln Jones
Mr Bojangles Moustache

Sunday 24 June
Ganga Giri
Greg Dread and Spee
Husky Rescue
La Kinky Beat
Eatstatic Chilled Set
Hedge Monkey


Thursday 21 June
The Deadbeats
Dr Meaker
The Maple State
Liz Green
Venus Bogardus
The John E Vistic Experience
Ed Cottam
Lewis Sleeman
Nine Bean Rows

Friday 22 June
The Whip
The 9000
The Loungs
Scouting For Girls
Thirty Pounds of Bone
The Travelling Band
Haiki Loki

Saturday 23 June
Orphan Boy
Love Minus Zero
Neon Plastix
The Answering Machine
Durban Poison
The Epstein
Cortina Deluxx

Sunday 24 June
The Courteeners
Cherry Ghost
Liam Frost
It's A Buffalo
Pierre Hall & The Lead Balloons
Clarky Cat
Rob Sharples
The Grim Northern Social
Sam Hammond
Thursday 21st June
The Egg


Friday 22 June
Almeida Girl and Le grand Descarga
Rodney Branigan
The Huckleberries
The Soundcarriers
Bad Science
Yoga Workshop Class

Saturday 23 June
Steve Hillage (System 7 Dj set)
Kangaroon Moon
Seize the Day - probably the best 'right-on' hippy band ever - Check them out!
Yoga workshop class

Sunday 24 June
Baka Beyond and The G’Bine
The Big
The Harp Trio
F.O.S. Brothers
The Boat Band
Biggles Wartime Band

LOST VAGUENESS - seriously freaky area!

Friday 22 June
DJ Sophie Toes, Lorne
MC Dougie Invisible
Dreamstate Circus
Merlinski Spacelee
Divine Company
Empress Stah
DJ Lorngerie
Ryan Styles
Empress Stah
Cous-cous Torture Company
DJ Desert Ivan Discs
Dynamo Rhythm Ace
DJ Bollox and DJ Drew
Dusty Sprinkles and the Hot Jazz Biscuits
DJ Bollox and DJ Drew

Saturday 23 June
DJ Sophie Toes
Luxury Condo
DJ Lorngerie
MC Mat Fraser
Dream State Circus
Merlinski Spacelee
Sumaya Flamenco Troupe
Perverted Turkeys
DJ Marsh Mellow Mike
Mat Fraser
Taylor Mac
Zudance Aerial
Martha and Arthur
Kitty Bang Bang
Vicky McManus
Twighlight Players
DJ Sophie Toes
The Lovers
DJ Andy Wetherall
DJ Marsh Mellow Mike

Sunday 24 June
DJ Sophie Toes
MC Dave Chameleon
Divine Company
Kitty Bang Bang
Martha and Atthur
Vicky McManus
Paul Zenon
Bees Knees
Empress Stah
DJ Lorngerie and Sophie Toes
Cous Cous Torture Company
Deviant Aerial
Paul Zenon and Sleez
Empress Stah
Perverted Turkeys
Bees Knees
DJ Lorngerie and Sophie Toes
The Puppini Sisters
DJ Lorne Sophie Mike
The Fat 45s
DJ Marsh Mellow Mike

Line up culled from Virtual Festivals

should be some pics here! hover over to see!

should be some pics here! hover over to see!

should be some pics here! hover over to see!