Saturday, 2 June 2007

My Amazon aStore Earnings for May '07

Being an Amazon Affiliate/Associate is still fairly new & exciting for me! I only discovered aStore's recently and have only been using them since April. In the last month I created my own tutorial on How To Build An Amazon aStore, which you can see here. It's getting a reasonable amount of traffic and a fairly decent page ranking in google too! Though am finding that most of my sales seem to be generated from traffic to my own website - The Book Garden.

I've also messed around a bit with google pages, a free and easy web site creation package from google. You can see some of the results of this by looking at my tutorial on aStores and my alternative book garden website, which has given me more scope in creating more pages than I get with my site, this only came with a limited (very) sitebuilder set up. Google Pages have proven excellent for a person at my level of experience with building websites. Maybe in the next month or two I'll look into building a proper website!

Anyway, I wanted to share some of the weird and wonderful things that were bought via my aStore this month! My favorite first as I earned £7 commission on this! If you hover over each item you should get a nice little detail window show!

Cibox C2201 22" Wide Aspect TFT Monitor with 5m/s response time & integrated speakers

Sold 4 of these DVD's! But they haven't shipped, hopefully Amazon will ship them soon!
Def Con 4 [2007]

Another Item I'm waiting them shipping, as it isn't released until June
The Traveling Wilburys: Deluxe Collector's Edition/+DVD

This book on metabolic typing has been popular!
The Metabolic Typing Diet

And some more unusual purchases -
The Cleaning Bible: Kim and Aggie's Complete Guide to Modern Household Management

Excavations at Tepe Guran in Luristan: The Bronze Age and Iron Age Periods (Jutland Archaeological Society Publications)

This one I have for sale myself on Amazon, though it's nice to earn twice on it!
Call of Duty: United Offensive Expansion Pack(PC)

These products have had a few people look at them. I think the first 2 are controllers for a Flight Simulator Game

Saitek Cyborg EVO Joystick (PC)

Saitek X52 Hotas Flight Controller System Joystick (PC)

Might as well through in a link to the game they go with too!
Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Deluxe Edition (PC)

Hopefully that little lot will help inspire you to go an earn some money through Amazon aStores!


Butterfly said...

I look over your blog along with the information that you have given and it is so helpful I thank you so much I learning this marketing tool and I need expertise in so many areas. I have a astore and I trying to get it up and running with putting adding catagory to my site. I also learned about HTML and still trying to learn but thank you I will visit your blog often and share your site with others that is having trouble.Thanks again
P.S. please visit my blog and give me suggestion it is

Roo said...

Thanks Alexis,
Am pleased people are finding my blog useful! I Tried to visit the blog you mentioned but the link didn't work, so for those who want to visit Alexis the link is extrordinary.blogspot

Leddie said...

Leddie chiming in:
Thanks Roo for your comment on my LED shop ( left where I blogged about it.
It's a neat idea to have your tutorial bundled with a working shop as an example :-)
And if you want to join in the bright LED light buzz, don't buy LED bulb, they are over-hyped. Only the enlux type floodlight is any good (I feature in my LED bulb review in the Guide.) But Amazon doesn't have them which is kind of embarrassing.
I don't know how my aStore will fare, but the main thing is good service to my visitors. If aStore will give that, I'll keep it.
And finally a word about Auctiva. Do you like them? Some review I am getting about is it can be pretty annoying. Cheers.

Roo said...

Hi Leddie,
Thanks for the tip about LED's, I wish you luck with your aStore and look forward to seeing reports on it's success. It is money for very little effort afterall!
Auctiva I am finding very good for a FREE service, although they do have there share of technical problems which I would not be at all happy about if it was a paid for service. As it does save me time in listing on ebay I am quite a fan and technical problems seem to be getting less.
for those that want clickable links to Leddie's aStore it's Here