Thursday, 14 June 2007

Glastonbury Tickets on eBay for £8,000+

Michael Eavis is reported as being disappointed with the quality of the tickets printed for this years Glastonbury Festival (BBC Story). Tickets are now appearing on eBay, though it does look like there is some Auction Wrecking going on as this example shows -

Anyone wanting to risk the getting turned away on the gates as the photo part of the ID must be backed up by other forms of ID, so there's no real way around this added security level.

As for anyone fool enough to think the car park tickets will enable them to get close enough to try and sneak in better think again as there will be a check that car occupants have tickets before they actually leave the main road to drive the mile or 2 to the actual car-parks! Even if a 'fence-jumper' gets close enough to the fence they will be quite disappointed when faced by the impregnable 'Ring-of-Steel'. In the 2 previous years that this fence has been used there has been no reports of anyone successfully getting over it, and very few actual attempts at it either. The fence is 10ft of solid metal with a 3foot angled overhang, even the SAS would consider this impossible to scale without equipment. The other popular idea has always been tunneling under it, well as the same material that is used for the fence is also laid on the ground next to the fence and bolted to the uprights this is also making tunneling impossible to all but the most hardened miners. The enclosed road either side of the fence to allow security to drive quickly to any point of the fence with floodlights and a secondary 8 foot mesh 'Heras' fence, either side of this road means the tower lookouts will get plenty of time to get a patrol to you before you even touched the 'Ring-of-Steel'.

Basically, if you haven't got a ticket, forget about trying to get in and stock up at home to catch the web-cam, webcasts, TV coverage and Radio broadcasts courtesy of the BBC. You may also want to be thankful of clean porcelain and cold, reasonably priced beer without having to queue!

You can catch up with our adventures of the festival here on our glastonbury page which we hope to be updating the slideshow daily during the festival!

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