Saturday, 9 June 2007

Sold Dispatch Now: How to Make £6000 - £15000 pa. from Amazon, Sharon Fussell - Reviewed

Unbelievable! That was my first reaction when I came across this book! The old saying - "If something looks to good to be true, it's probably because it is too good to be true". (this is the only instance in the English language where a double positive becomes a negative!)

Sharon Fussell makes some quite astounding promises in this book which is for sale at £37, quite a hefty sum for a book that only has 85pages. The claim that you can easily make that sort of money from only a couple of hours work a day and with only the need for a a couple of shelves of books, is far fetched. I know very few sellers who are able to source the kind of niche stock that would enable that performance.

These quotes from her website, canonbury publishing , are quite astounding!

How you can make 86p extra pure profit on each and every book by almost doing nothing! - It's called signing up and paying a monthly Pro-Merchant Fee!

If you have a spare room, you could be making £36,000 a year as an international bookseller! - You'd need a pretty big room! Say about 500-1000sq feet!

you can look forward to becoming an international book seller and earning at least £6,000-£15,000+ per year working about 1 hour a day from home - From the few people I know that got into selling on Amazon from buying this book, none have achieved what is claimed. And they have stated that the amazon seller boards provide much more valuable advice and assistance than this book did.

Sold Dispatch Now: How to Make 6, 000 -15, 000 Pounds or More in the Next Year from Amazon This is a link to the book on amazon where you can see some reviews, and note how many people have found the reviews useful! You may also wish to join in the discusion on the book listing page about this book!

The only people I know who can even approach the claims made on the amount of profit from such low amounts of stock and work are those who have expert knowledge of niche markets. For example, if you were an expert on, let's say, books about wheelbarrows, and could source stock from the wheelbarrow college weekly carboot sale very cheaply and resell quickly for a very good price, you may be able to make that sort of money easily. Though for most specialists there knowledge of book genres and where to source them is the result of years of experience and they do not pass this sort of experience on!

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