Friday, 29 February 2008

No impact from Energy Saving Day - Surprising?

I only heard about this about 2 hours into it so am not surprised that the impact of it wasn't noticeable, though even with plenty of media coverage for the next I imagine that it will have very little impact on energy consumption and CO2 emissions. One suggestion I would make is to legislate to stop shops having lights on at night say 11pm, maybe have a licensing law for those businesses that feel it's necessary and have a license fee based on usage of lighting. Another big area that would benefit is in offices and businesses that leave things powered like lights, pc's etc whilst no one is using them. I worked in an office regularly and unless I turned the 20+pc's and half dozen printers, water heaters and other stuff off they would remain on, even over the weekend! Some fellow employees would moan the next day as they had to boot up their workstation, wait 5minutes for the hot water, or a few minutes for the printer to fire up!

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Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Bounty Bay Online Pirate Roleplaying Game!

Bounty Bay Online, is a new MMORPG which has taken to the longboats and washed up on Europe's sandy shores courtesy of Yusho Gmbh and Frogster Interactive. Further details available -