Thursday, 23 August 2007

News! New Social Marketing Site Launches

This new social marketing site is due to be unleashed late September / early October, members can play and earn money by winning games against other players, either one-on-one or in tournaments (where each player pays a small fee and the winner takes all), or, pay a membership fee and get paid a commission for each member they introduce and an instant bonus when they sign up another business builder

uVme is a flexible combination of social networking and direct marketing, often reffered to as Social Marketing. This is a growing phenomenon on the net and uVme are geared to take a leading position in this. After all why blog for nothing when you can earn from schemes such as this.

A universal-messenger interface that lists your contacts from MSN, AIM, Yahoo and GoogleTalk so you can challenge your friend to a game who would then be invited to join as a member, you would also earn comission from their earnigs as well as being able tostay in touch with people you and they sign up

The parent company has been involved with MLM for 5 years and has invested a 7 figure sum of money into promoting uVme.

A uvme pre-launch highlights movie has had over 23,000 views on YouTube in just 3 weeks.

uVme is set to be huge globally with the site already configured with various language options already available.

And until the launch, registration on is free, so you can start building your network now!

uVme is the creation of Andy Bailey, a veteran of, blogging and Social Marketing, read more on Andy Baileys blog

Want to be part of my network? Then sign up by using the banner below to enter the site or leave a comment and I'll send an invite!

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Unusual Books!

I don't often post about other blogs, but having come across this blog about some very unusual book bindings and book sculpture by Blogger Avi Abrams I feel compelled to promote such a fantastic collection of photographs of many different books. If you think I'm being a bit of a bibliophile or book geek, you may well change your mind when you see the vast range of creative binding and art crearted from books.

Friday, 17 August 2007

I signed up for Pay Per Post

Pay Per Post is an opportunity to earn money writing blogs. It took a couple of weeks from applying to get approved though during the approval I had access to what sort of opportunities that would be available and what sort of subjects and products were wanting plugging on my blog for payment. It may be a long way from being a professional blogger, but it will certainly provide an incentive to post more regularly as well as an easy form of income that will help me pay for various web-hosting and other associated online fees. For those of a more charitable mind you have the choice of donating the income to a charity.

I'm hoping this opportunity will also help drive traffic to my my blog as well as earn me a nice cash bonus!

Thursday, 16 August 2007

What to do with those old books, CD's, DVD's, Games?

Just thought I'd let you know about a special deal Hitflip are running at the moment -

List your DVDs, books, games, audiobooks or CDs to swap on Hitflip
by September 1st 2007 (00:00GMT) making them immediately available to swap, they will credit accounts with a bonus:

10 items = £1 credit

25 items = £3 credit

100 items = £15 credit

Europe's No.1 Swapping Site

This is a great way of clear stuff from your shelves where they are collecting dust, and replacing them with stuff you want! The only cost to yourself is 79p admin charge and the postage of sending an item to receive credits to get more items. With them giving away free credit at the moment, there's never been a better time to register with them!