Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Creating Text Links in an Amazon aStore

Creating Text links is very useful and surprisingly easy using the aStore edit/create options.

To get a text link you need to select from your astore tool bar- >build links>build text links> Then choose one of the three options shown -

Link to Favorite Destination, whether it's Top Selling Books, Top Selling Horror DVD's, Top Selling Indie Music

Links to Search Results, Bruce Willis DVD's, Wilbur Smith Books or Harry Potter related items!

Link to Any Page at - Seller Profile, Leave Feedback Link, basically any page that isn't actually a product or search page

Then Get the HTML, click the highlight button, copy and paste into the web page, blog, wherever, making sure you are pasting it using a html edit mode.

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Blagman said...

Thanks Roo, I'll definately put this to use. Keep up the good work and happy selling.