Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Buy It Now with Google Checkout

Over the weekend I got a little distracted from my main task of working on my Amazon aStore Tutorial. I was asked what other payment methods I used by an eBay customer who was having problems with using paypal to pay for an item he'd won on eBay. Until this point I'd relied on paypal, though not happily due to their high proportion of fees.

This enquiry prompted me to look at alternatives to paypal, in particular the recently launched Google Checkout. Well, as a google account holder I found it a breeze to set up compared with paypal and the big advantage they are currently promoting it with NO FEES UNTIL 2008! I'm not sure whether this offer will run for long, as it may just be an incentive to people to sign up and once they have the targetted take up they may then withdraw the offer I suspect, whilst of course honouring the offer to those who have already taken it up! The other thing Google are doing to promote this rival to paypal is working with some big retailers to offer £10 off orders of over £30!

I had a play with the buy it now buttons on my googlepages site, and found it quite easy to add buttons, so am just waiting to see if my customers find their way here to buy stuff that I have cheaper than on amazon & ebay as I don't have fees to pay!

Lastly, Apologies to those that were expecting me to be providing instructions on importing/ exporting category lists for aStores, I did some work on this and it wasn't quite so straightforward as I thought it would be. I'll try and spend some time working this out during the week, and will update here when it's live.

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