Monday, 7 May 2007

Amazon aStore's - easy to create and very adaptable

Amazon aStores rock and are so easy to build! They also have a lot of adaptability, you can just use the little amazon search button in your blog, add a link to a specific product, create a number of different banners, on various sizes, fill these by setting a particular search term. It’s amazing!

The Tracking is also pretty good too, as well as being a reputable online business the commission starting at 5% is OK too!

As you can set up 99 different tracking id’s the potential is pretty unlimited too!
I’ve created a little website giving tips on setting up an aStore and some examples of what you can do with one.

I used Google pages to create this aStore Tutorial.

How to build your own aStore (Link updated)

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Maverick said...

Thanks a lot for this guide and having visited my blog. Your online pages look great. You are a real professional. I am just learning. Thanks for your tips. I will be following the same.

I followed the link that you provided in my blog. Unfortunately some of your links were not connecting.

I might contact you latter on.

Thanks once again.