Saturday, 8 September 2007

My Squidoo Earnings Payout!

I blogged about Squidoo a couple of months ago when I joined up. It's a pretty unique social networking site where you get to create pages on any subject that you want. Unlike myspace, facebook, etc it's unique in that it's main purpose is to earn you money! I received my first payout yesterday for $17.48 or a little over £8, first I knew of this was an email from paypal telling me the money had arrived!

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I didn't think too much at first until I read more and did a few searches but not only can you earn cash from creating pages you can drive traffic to your website, make pages about gadgets and gizmos that you can place your affiliate links on, or even take the easy option if you don't want to have to manage an affiliate account as squidoo has over 1000 affiliates already and a very easy interface for you to advertise their products.

I only joined up at the very end of June so July was my first month on squidoo and I didn't spend to much time on it. The lens that I did spend a lot of time and effort on was my Perry Mason Lens, though I don't think I got it completed to my satisfaction until August and I'm still tweeking it occasionally.

Imagine my Surprise when this lens earned me over $15!!! $4 of this was for being a high ranked lens, though it never made the top 100 on squidoo, it did spend a few days inside the top 200 on occassion and does get about 40 hits a week. So this $4 was a payout for being in the top tier on squidoo as a share of the sites adsense revenue, but where did the rest come from? Well, squidoo don't do much to break down the sources of revenue as yet, though this could have been from referalls to ebay or cafepress as they were the only money making modules on the page apart from Amazon, and they do log your amazon referalls, though I only had one purchase via amazon, and that's a pre-order which won't ship until next week, so earnings from that won't come through for another couple of months. Visitors may have gone to ebay to look at Perry Mason items I was showing there, or they may have bought items off Cafepress I was highlighting. Other lenses earnings varied from 4cents each for the work in progress and minimal lenses that haven't had much traffic and I keep meaning to go back and finish these, and 73cents for other lenses that were getting reasonable traffic. Though I must mention that these other lenses have sent traffic to my site, and also earned me commission from people following links on them to products I was recommending so am very pleased with my first couple of months on squidoo!

Next month should be even better as squidoo traffic was considerably down in July due to getting a slap from google due to allowing the creation of 'spam' pages, this was something squidoo jumped on very quickly but it did have a huge impact on visitors to the site and rankings on search engines for google which didn't really recover until August

I know that at least one visitor did go to cafepress to buy an item, as it was an item I created in a Cafepress store I was inspired to open by squidoo's interface with them, so not only did I earn commission for sending a customer there, I earned money as they bought an item I had created. For more info on Cafepress and how to earn money selling stuff from coasters to coffee mugs, stickers to wall clocks and aprons to thongs all with your own designs on, just click on this banner - and sign-up, it's real easy!

Design and Sell Merchandise Online for Free

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to squidoo now, if you use this link you will also get an extra $5 when you earn your first $15 and so will I!

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Wendy C. Allen a.k.a. EelKat said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog!

I had just got done editing my Squidoo post to add this month's tier on it, when I found your comment waiting to be modded, and telling about it!

So good to see other Bloggers who Squidoo. I love blogging and Squidooing, they are both such fun... and now I'm making som e extra money, while haveing fun! That is so cool! I love it!

I must have gotten an affiliate sale some where, but I can't find it listed on my dashboard. The royalty links tell me all my lenses got .04c but that don't equal the $10.28 they sent me, so there must be an affiliate sale and I just didn't see it.

Checked out your Perry Mason lens. What a great lens. Thanks for pointing it out. I love the old mystery tv shows. Esp Columbo and Sherlock Holmes. I've just started a lens for each of them, should have them finished later this month.

Keep up the good work!