Monday, 2 July 2007

My Amazon aStore earnings for June 07

July Earnings from my Amazon Associates account has been pretty consistent for most of the month and I'll share here some of the weird and wacky items order that allowed me to earn some commission.
Most of these have been through either product links I have left in various forums and from people directly accessing the aStore through my web page and also through a review of Glastonbury 2007 which is actually still being constructed and I'll hopefully have a chance to finish once I have finished cleaning mud off all that I took!

Books order -
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7) [Children's Edition]
I've had a few people pre-order the childrens edition, though have not yet had any orders for the adult edition yet. In fact word has got out that all physical bookshops have already pre-sold all their first consignment so the only way to ensure getting a copy on the day of publication is through pre-ordering and paying a premium for delivery on publication date via amazon. Even with the delivery premium the book will be cheaper than store prices due to amazon offering it at 50% of the RRP

The Ultimate Psychometric Test Book
A best selling well reviewed book on getting the most from psychometric tests.

The Cambridge Diet
There's usually one diet book sold a month, showing that Dieting is a big seller.

Human Motivation: Metaphors, Theories and Research
Quite a high-brow study book, showing that all sorts are buying through my website and links

The Cleaning Bible: Kim and Aggie's Complete Guide to Modern Household Management
I was a bit disturbed to see someone had bought this and just hope that no one was thinking of giving me it as a gift!

The Cookery Year
New cook books also tend to sell well, even though I do not provide any links or reviews of them
so am assuming a customer just used my website to search amazon for this one.

Monstrous Regiment (Discworld)
Strangely enough I sold this the day after finishing reading it! A great book tackling equality and the madness of war from the very prolific Terry Pratchett

Night Watch (Discworld)
2 Discworld novels, both sold the same day so fair to assume it was the same customer. Night watch is arguably one of the best Discworld novels introducing the City Watch and the great Characters of Sam Vime, Captain Carrot and all!

The Call of the Weird: Travels in American Subcultures
A travel book or an analysis of american subculture?

Round Ireland with a Fridge
Definetly a travel book, and a very humorous one at that!

There was also quite a few other books sold for varying prices that I don't know enough about to comment on.

Guilty Gear Isuka (PC)
Guilty Gear X2 Reload (PC)
Don't know much about the games field and have never reviewed any, so nice to get a bit of income from their sales! Same date of sale, so assuming they went to the same customer, especially as they seem to be related titles.

Midsomer Murders - Vixen's Run
My Neighbour Totoro
A couple of DVD's that I don't know much about, different sale dates so assuming different customers.

Pre-orders that shipped this month
The Traveling Wilburys: Deluxe Collector's Edition/+DVD
Very hot selling CD, in the amazon top ten currently

Def Con 4 [2007]
4 of these were pre-ordered and shipped

Items that were viewed but had no orders made
Sharp LC42XD1E - 42" Widescreen Full HD 1080P LCD TV - With Freeview
Nice TV, lots of clicks but no orders

The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists (Penguin Modern Classics)
A book II would highly recommend people to read, though doesn't look like my reccomendations have been taken up this month!

Bose Sounddock Black
Bose Sounddock White
Bose Sounddock black Digital Music System
Probably the best sounddock for your ipod! Though I imagine people must be saving up for it as it costs about as much as an Ipod, though the sound they give is absolutely unrivalled!

Luxury Ludo
Nice to see old fashioned board games are getting hits, if not actual purchases!

MiEssence Organics Sunflower Body Wash
This is a product I have actually got listed on amazon at the moment, it seems to be getting traffic but so far no sales!

This is not a complete list, but just to give an idea of what is popular and/or selling through my Amazon Associate account.

Anyway, I hope you find this list of items useful and it gives you an idea of the earning potential of being an Amazon Associate.

I must also add that I have been increasing my placement of adsense ads on a few of my webpages and the income from this is now starting to make me think about adding an adsense ad to each page I create!

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