Sunday, 28 January 2007

A Moan About

I've just spent hours creating listings on amazon for about a dozen or so audiobooks. Now when I try to actually search for them now I have done the hard work of adding them to the catalogue, complete with picture and all attributes such as running time, unabridged, etc, etc, they do not show in searches! Not only that I can't add them to my affiliate store to provide a nice easy link for customers to browse items I have in stock. Now I can comprehend that amazon sucks on occasion, but configuring a search engine should be one of the simpler tasks of managing a website, yet amazon just seem to get it spectacularly wrong on an irritatingly high number of occasions.

I'm now going to have to do lots of painstaking work to list these on ebay. If I did think it worthwhile creating listings on Amazon for them I would, but unless they can sort out their search engine, titles like these might as well go on ebay. After all, I don't work for amazon, even though as a seller I do contribute to their profits, and I am not going to create listings for items that will not show in their search. And it's quite annoying adding lots of attributes such as running time, format, number of tapes, if amazon aren't going to include this info in the newly created listing. Also, what's the point in uploading photo's for these new listings when I have yet to see an amazon listing for an audiobook that actually displays an image.

Here's a link to the ones on amazon (note no images) Amazon Audiobooks
And here's one to those I have put on ebay. Ebay Audio books

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