Thursday, 18 January 2007

Amazon edit product info fiasco

I'm currently fuming over some muppet who altered a product listing on amazon from a book to a VHS tape for some bizarre reason. The reason I'm fuming isn't bizarre, I've now got to contact the customer and hope they respond to my email so I can find out if they actually realised it was a book or a video. As they are using a hotmail account I don't hold out much hope for them replying. So if I send it there's a 50% chance of it not being what the customer required.
Also, the really stupid thing is that as it is classed as a video by amazon, I only received £1.44 for it instead of the usual £2.27 I would have received for selling a penny book due to the exorbitant fees that amazon charge on videos in relation to books! So am even more tempted to just refund and then demand amazon remove any neg feedback I receive as a result of refunding.
Guess I'll call amazon in the morning and find out what they have to say in regard to it!

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