Wednesday, 17 January 2007

ebay or not to ebay

Well ebay is great in a lot of ways, though it's listing fees are often a bit crap, especially when it comes to enhancing listings with the gallery function, this extra fee can often more than double listing fees. As you can maybe see by the display in the right, images aren't usually shown, though if you scroll down to the bottom of the page you can see that almost all items that we have listed on ebay are shown with pictures, so mustt thank the guys at auctiva for that
Auctiva also is a great tool for multiple listings and is much easier than turbo lister, also providing an alternative store front to the ebay one. Have a look Here! The other advantage is that it allows you to schedule the listing of items. Though I must mention that I do find there service is slightly unstable and sometimes unavailable. But it's Free!
Also, I feel I must plug this book which is a great tool for anyone new to ebay as a buyer or seller with some really helpful and easily understood hints. We sold out of this quite quickly after ordering a small stock of them, but plenty more still on amazon!

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