Thursday, 8 November 2007

Squidoo Payday! My September Earnings are here!

Slowly building up my earnings from squidoo!
This month I had 2 lenses in the top tier and these paid out at $4.67 each, these had spent some time in September in the top 500. The next tier paid 79cents and I think this was paid out to all mine that had spent most of the month in the top 10,000, I had quite a few in this so they added up! the third tier was where a lot of my partially finished lenses were and they earned 6cents each, The 4th tier is new to squidoo this month and I had very few in the 4th tier which was probably for all those that had never ranked very high, though have no idea where the cut off was on these and they each earned a cent.

I earned an extra couple of dollars here and there using the provided affiliate links through squidoo, but I'm switching over to mainly providing my own links so I don't have to give squidoo a cut of my referrals and this is bringing more money in than I'm actually earning from Squidoo!

It's like a win-win situation, squidoo provide an easy to use page template with lots of modules to choose from, a good google crawl rate and a cut of the adsense revenue! Add this to the affiliate sales this gains and if you get the right topic or subject, one good lens will pay you regularly!

Currently 2 of my lenses are Google PR4,
Perry Mason page
UK Cash Back Shopping

a number are PR3
Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds
Monty Python's Castle Anthrax

and I'm working on getting a PR5 by the next google ranking, squidoo is certainly helping me get traffic and turning it into money!

If you haven't signed up, here's my referral link -HERE - I earn $5 when you earn your first $15 and you also will get a $5 bonus too!

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